Kingston Life Center, Inc.
Non-Profit Organization

Q1. Does your organization have license to operate?
A1. Yes, we will provide license number if requested.

Q2. How is your organization governed?
A2. We operate under by-laws approved by IRS, board members signed conflict of interest statements approved by IRS, we do not discriminate against age, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, etc.

Q3. Where will life center be located?
A3. Near 333 Reynolds Mill Road Alpine, Alabama, located in Talladega County

Q4. How many people will your organization serve?
A4. Based on data census and research we believe and average of 10,000 people per year covering Talladega County, Calhoun County, Coosa County, Jefferson County, St. Clair County, Shelby County.

Q5. How will funds be raised to build life center and support the programs you offer?
A6. Applying for grants on the federal and state level, accepting donations, planned events for fundraising.

Q7. When do your organization plan to start building life center?
A7. Targeted date early 2016 if not before, it depends on how fast we raise the funds.

Q8. IF I or my business make a donation is there any advertisement?
A8. Yes we do offer advertisement and will provide that information upon request because all donors do not want advertisement.

Q.9 How will organization sustain or support itself once the life center is built?
A9. We will operate on a three year budget in advance of each fiscal year. Have a full time grant writer/fundraiser employee on staff with a part time assistance. Money collected from services that we may charge for; such as use of auditorium or gymnasium or kitchen for banquets.

Q10. Will your organization serve or sell alcohol beverages?
A10. No under no circumstances.

Q11. Does your organization have a tax exempt number?
Q111. Yes we will provide it upon request.

Q12. Do your organization have a planned budget?
A12. Yes we have a budget will provide upon request it was approved by IRS.

Q13. Do your organization have to file a tax return?
A13. Yes we have to file a return by the 15th of April of each year.

Q14. Who will operate life center on a daily basis?
A14. The executive director and his or her staff.

Q15. What is the estimated cost to build the life center?
A15. 2.9 million dollars

Q16. How will we know how much funds the organization has raised.
A16. We will post amount on website starting at 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100%.

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